Good Intentions

It’s so easy to think you’ll have time to try something new. It’s even easier to find out that you don’t. That, in a nutshell, is my experience with this blog.  I thought a blog would be fun, a good way to keep my writing hand in, and a generally interesting new experiment.

I was probably right. But after setting up the blog and picking a theme, I realized I didn’t have time to actually write on it.  To make matters worst, the angst of throwing personal information– however mundane– out for the world to read was both intimidating and a little nerve-wracking. Long story short, I never made it past my first post. Until today.

Today I decided I should either just delete the blog or actually put something on it. It’s been up over a year, after all. And since I still feel it could be fun, useful and interesting, I chose plan B. Will I decide it’s worth the time and effort? Maybe, maybe not.  But I don’t want to develop a habit of leaving good intentions as nothing more than intentions.

At least I’ll have given this experiment a fair shot.

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