Italia in Cucina

Italia in Cucina cover imageIt seems only appropriate to start a blog on reading and cooking with a subject which combines both. So what could be more appropriate than a cookbook review? Allow me to introduce my favorite cookbook in the whole world (so far): Italia in Cucina.

Italia in Cucina is a joy of a book. As indicated by the title, it covers Italian cooking (and was published in Italy!), but don’t fear: the text itself is in English.  So here are 10 things I love about it, in no particular order:

  1. The recipes are delicious.  Really, when choosing cookbooks, isn’t that most important?
  2. The illustrations are lovely and there are plenty of them. You can see what you’re going to get and can start salivating in advance.
  3. The recipes are each marked with a difficulty level and time estimate so you know what you’re getting yourself into when you start one.
  4. Along those lines, you can find whatever type of recipe you need, whether’ it’s a quick weeknight dinner or you’re trying to impress someone with a gourmet meal.
  5. There is a section of “basic” recipes at the beginning of the book that are later incorporated into other recipes but can also be eaten on their own.
  6. The recipes are reasonable–the ingredients are not esoteric or unappealing.
  7. …but just in case you’re shaky on what to call that pasta shape, there is a small ingredient dictionary at the front of the book.
  8. At 800 pages, this cookbook includes plenty of variety! I never plan to buy another Italian cookbook, I just won’t need it.
  9. Authenticity–this is a real Italian cookbook, published in Italy and with foods that my Italian-American brother-in-law loves.
  10. Did I mention delicious? I’ve never tried anything out of here that I didn’t like!

The only minor gripe I have with this cookbook is that the index is not as substantial as I wish it was, but browsing is fun and the minimal existing index is functional.

In summary: this cookbook is worth its very substantial weight in gold.

Italia in Cucina page view

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