Blender Mayonnaise, or, Why I Love Betty Crocker

Mayonnaise is one of those foods that I knew one could, theoretically, make at home, but never thought would be worth the trouble. Until tonight when I came home all ready to broil up a portobello “burger” and realized that while I had the mushroom, roll, cheddar, lettuce, and tomato, the spreadable condiment was noticeably missing. I ran out of mayo and could have sworn I’d bought more, but I couldn’t find it anywhere and don’t use it very often so maybe I dreamt the whole buying experience. Either that or it will turn up some totally random and illogical place 3 months from now. Such things have been known to happen.

Anyway, I was left with the choice between running to the store in the rain for mayonnaise or trying it at home, as I’d been abstractly considering for a few months.

Isn't canola beautiful? Besides, of course, being a good source of Omega-3s.

I quickly discovered that mayo is absolutely and ridiculously the easiest food to make. Basically, you dump an egg and some oil (slowly) into a blender and let it run. The whole process took less than twenty minutes, including finding and comparing 3 recipes– without that step, it would have taken 5. Which brings me to my love of Betty Crocker: her recipe always turns out. It may be everyday, simple food, it probably won’t be gourmet or authentically ethnic, but it turns out. If she says you’ll get mayo, you get mayo. If she says you’ll get strawberry pie, you get yummy strawberry pie. Yes, I almost always tweak the recipe some and personalize or adjust “to taste.” But in a world of crazy food blogs, it’s nice to have a source that is always reliable. That said, here’s my version of mayonnaise- if you want hers, go look in your own cookbook 🙂

Blender Mayonnaise

1 egg
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
dash paprika
dash mustard
pinch salt
1 cup canola oil

Put the raw egg, lemon juice and spices into the food processor or blender. Put on whatever lid/attachment will allow you to add ingredients while the motor is running without making a mess. Whiz the contents for a few seconds. Add a few tablespoons of the canola oil and blend until completely emulsified, maybe 30 seconds. With the blender running, slowly pour the remainder of the canola oil into the mixture. Be very sure to pour it slowly enough that it is incorporated as soon as it hits the mixture. Continue blending a few more seconds to be sure it’s really mixed. Move it into a jar and enjoy!
NOTE: The acidity of the lemon juice should help kill off any Salmonella bacteria in the egg, but if there is anyone with a weak or compromised immune system who will be eating it, stay safe and go with a pasteurized egg.

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