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Zopf: Swiss Sunday Breakfast

I’m always shocked when I hear that someone is afraid of making bread. Apparently, the word “knead” is scary for many. Well, stop worrying; really all that it means is that you get to push around a lump of dough. … Continue reading

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Daring Bakers: Churros FAIL!

I was incredibly thrilled when I read this month’s challenge. I adore doughnuts, and there are so many types from my childhood that I’ve been wishing to replicate. The wide-open nature of the challenge was extremely appealing, and I decided … Continue reading

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Selling America Short

I occasionally wish that I understood the American (and global) financial system better. It was in just such a moment that I picked up Selling America Short: The SEC and Market Contrarians in the Age of Absurdity by Richard Sauer. … Continue reading

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In case you haven’t noticed, my dinners tend towards the “quick and easy” variety, and dairy is my protein of choice. The classic example of this is quesadillas: quick, easy, and as long as you have tortillas and cheese handy … Continue reading

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Cheaper by the Dozen

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a book review, but today I ran across something charming which reminded me of an old favorite. The Museum of Modern Art is hosting an exhibition on kitchens, and the online site includes … Continue reading

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