Daring Bakers: Beautiful Breads

February was DEFINITELY a winner! I love baking anyway (umm, duh, I’m a DB member) but it’s especially fun when things are as beautiful as they are delicious… AND easy to make. These were really no more trouble than regular cinnamon rolls, but had significantly more visual impact. Highly recommend them for your next brunch!

DSC03487DSC03498I actually had so much fun with this cinnamon breakfast beauty I decided to try a savory option and made a garlic bread (with the garlic butter baked in) in a slightly different pattern. Also delicious and beautiful!
Blog-checking lines: Beauty surrounded the Daring Bakers this month as our host, Sawsan, of chef in disguise, challenged us to make beautiful, filled breads. Who knew breads could look as great as they taste?

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